Fighting against Novel Coronavirus, SONGLI GROUP is in action!

A novel corona virus has emerged in China since December of 2019, which caused a war without smoke from weapons. Everyone of the Chinese people take responsibility to fight against the corona virus.

As an enterprise with a strong sense of social responsibility, SONGLI GROUP has done its utmost to fight the epidemic together and support the front line. Mr Zhang ZhongXian, General manager of SONGLI GROUP donates 100,000 Yuan to the Charity Council of Dongshi town, Quanzhou city for the hometown people to purchase the necessary articles and material for control the corona virus. And he also donates 5800 masks between Jan. 26-27, 2020.

Fighting against Novel Coronavirus, SONGLI GROUP is in action1

In the face of the disaster, we are united as one. SONGLI GROUP is also actively preparing for the second batch of anti-epidemic articles and materials to support Wuhan! God bless China, we firmly believe that the haze will eventually dissipate and the sun will eventually appear! Fighting, Wuhan. Fighting, China!

Post time: Feb-13-2020