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Many industries have been greatly impacted under the influence of the COVID-19, facing the ups and downs of the market. A group of young entrepreneurs gathered together in Jinjiang city on June 24th and held a forum to share ideas on what to do during the virus situation. More than 30 company managers conducted a detailed discussion and opened up new ideas for business development.



Vincent, general manager from TCS Songli Battery stressed the importance of transformation and the company has been developing lithium ion batteries in the past few years to catch up with the latest trend.


Founded in 1995, TCS Songli Battery is one of the earliest battery brands in China. We are specialized in R&D researches, product development and production, sales and marketing of full categories of batteries. With 25 years of development, TCS Songli Battery mainly produces lead-acid batteries, automotive batteries, electric bicycle batteries, UPS and lithium batteries, etc. Our products cover more than two hundred varieties and specifications and can be widely applied in all kinds of specific fields.

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Post time: Jun-30-2020