Our Advantage

1.customer-centric, market-oriented

Listen to the voice of customers, quickly respond to customer needs, and provide customized products and end-to-end services

Products change with changes in market demand, unchanged our quality and sincere heart of serving customers well.

2.care for employees, grow together, self-esteem and self-improvement

Serious, responsible, pragmatic and effective employees are the company's greatest wealth.

Training employees, respecting employees, recognizing employees, rewarding employees and allowing employees to grow together with the enterprise are the greatest accumulation of the company's wealth.

3. Self-development and advanced production line

According to the needs of the market, continue to develop and improve the cost performance of products.

With the world's advanced production technology, first-class production line

A new high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and after-sales service.

4. Experience and culture precipitated by history

Songli was founded in 1995 until now. After the washing and testing of the market, the enterprise has been steadily growing and has gradually become Fujian.

Leader of Motorcycle Battery Industry

5. Always think, continuously improve and innovate

Advocating a culture of innovation and creating a working atmosphere that accommodates different viewpoints and encourages innovation;

Dare to break dare to stand, allow to make mistakes, but do not allow to make the same mistake; All processes will always have room for further improvement.

There is no best, only better. It is our responsibility to constantly put forward new requirements and pursue high goals.