UPS Battery AGM Battery 2V Battery SL2-500

Short Description:

Standard: National Standard 
Rated voltage (V): 2 
Rated capacity (Ah): 500 
Battery size (mm): 241*175*330*365
Reference Weight (kg): 30
OEM Service: supported 
Origin: Fujian, China. 

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1.Features: AGM separator paper reduces battery internal resistance, prevents micro-short circuit, and prolongs cycle life.

2.Material: ABS battery shell material, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance. High purity material.

3.Technology: The  maintenance-free technology makes the battery seal better, without daily maintenance, and the bumpy state prevents liquid leakage.

4.Application field: Solar/wind energy storage system, industrial generating system, railway station system, telecom system,backup&standby power system, UPS system, server room, mobile communication system, on/off grid system, gulf carts, etc.


1. 100% Pre-delivery inspection to ensure stable quality and reliable performance.

2. Pb-Ca grid alloy battery plate,Refined temperature-controlled curing new process.

3. Low internal resistance, good high rate discharge performance.

4. Excellence high-and-low temperature performance, working temperature ranging from -25℃ to 50℃.

5. Design float service life: 5-7 years


Business Type: Manufacturer/Factory.
Main Products: Lead acid batteries, VRLA batteries, Motorcycle batteries, storage batteries, Electronic Bike batteries, Automotive batteries and Lithium batteries.
Year of Establish: 1995.
Management System Certificate: ISO19001, ISO16949.
Location: Xiamen, Fujian.


1. Southeast Asia: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.

2. Africa: South Africa, Algeria, Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique, Egypt, etc.

3. Middle-East: Yemen, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, etc.

4. Latin and South American: Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, etc.

5. Europe: Italy, UK, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, etc.

6. North America: USA, Canada.


Payment Terms: TT, D/P, LC, OA, etc.
Delivery Details: within 30-45 days after order confirmed.

Model Voltage Capacity Intemal Dimensions Terminal Weight Terminal
(V) (Ah) Resistance (mm) Type (kg) Direction
SL2-100 2 100 0.8 171*72*205*210 F13 5.6 +   -
SL2-150 2 150 0.6 171*102*206*221 F13 8 -  +
SL2-200 2 200 0.9 171*111*330*364 F12 12.8 +   -
SL2-250 2 250 171*111*330*364 F12 14.5 +   -
SL2-300 2 300 0.8 171*151*330*364 F12 18 +   -
SL2-400 2 400 0.6 210*175*330*367 F12 25
SL2-500 2 500 0.5 241*175*330*365 F12 30
SL2-600 2 600 0.45 302*175*330*367 F12 36
SL2-650 2 650 0.45 302*175*330*367 F12 37.5
SL2-800 2 800 0.4 410*175*330*367 F12 50
SL2-1000 2 1000 0.3 475*175*330*367 F12 60
SL2-1500 2 1500 0.22 400*350*345*382 F12 93
SL2-2000 2 2000 0.2 490*350*345*382 F12 120
SL2-3000 2 3000 0.12 710*352*345*382 F12 180

OEM solar battery backup

Packaging: Kraft brown outer box/Colored boxes.
FOB XIAMEN or other ports.
Lead Time: 20-25 Working Days


As per the epidemic of COVID-19, many places are locked down or carrying out quarantine policy, which would cause the consumption ability going down and the longer the storage time of the cargoes/goods. Considering the charateristics of lead acid batteries,here is the lead acid battery maintenance checklist.


recharge voltage 14.4V-14.8V, recharge currency 0.1C, constant voltage charging time: 10-15 hours.

If not recharged, the batteries may not be working due to high internal resistance.

Recharge 30 mins of the dry charged batteries if it is stocked in warehouse more than one year; or the battery internal plates are oxidated in winter season with low temperature environment (recharge voltage 14.4V-14.8V, recharge currency 0.1C).

Do not turn the battery upside downin case acid leakage from the safety valve.

If leakage happening, please take the leaking batteries from the others and clean it; in case the acid causes batteries short circuit. After cleaning the leaking batteries, please recharge the batteries as above steps.

Songli Battery is a global lead-acid battery technology expert. In addition, we have become one of the world's most successful independent battery manufacturers.We sincererly thank you for your always trust on our battery products and service, and we are also improving ourselves and products to provide you more excellent products and service.

Recomended temperature for  lead acid battery maintenance:

10~25℃(High temperature would speed up the battery self-discharge). Kepp the warehouse clean, ventilated and dry, and avoid direct sunlight or excessive humidity.

lead acid battery maintenance checklist

Warehouse management principle: First in First Out.

VRlA battery

Those batteries which are stocked in warehouse with longer time sold in priority,in case the battery voltage under low. It is better to divide different storage areas in the warehouse according to the arrival date as shown on the cargoes package.

Testing and inspecting of the sealed MF batteries’voltage every 3 months in case the batteries’ voltage under low or cannot start up.

Take the 12V series battery for instance, pleasure recharge the batteries if the voltage is under 12.6V; or the battery may not start up.

Lead acid batteries stocked in the warehouse more than 6 months, please do the voltage inpection and recharge the batteries before selling to essure the batteries in normal status.

battery charging,TCS battery,valve regulated lead acid battery

Steps of battery recharge and discharge:


①Battery Charge: charge voltage 14.4V-14.8V, charging currency:0.1C,constant voltage charging time:4 hours.

②Battery Discharge:discharge currency:0.1C, End of discharge voltage 10.5V of each battery.

③Battery Recharge:recharge voltage 14.4V-14.8V, recharge currency: 0.1C,constant voltage charging time: 10-15 hours.

As bellowing picture shown, please coordinate with our sales team if there is any questions about the usage of the device and then we could provide you the operation video.

lead acid battery maintenance checklist (4)

Steps of manual recharge and discharge operation:

3.2.1.Charge: charge voltage 14.4V-14.8V, charge currency:0.1C,constant voltage charging time:4 hours.

If operation video needed, please inquiry with our sales team. Thanks.

lead acid battery maintenance checklist ,vrla battery,valve regulated lead acid battery ,agm battery,


Quick discharge the batteries at 1C discharge rate until the battery voltage down to 10.5V. If operation video needed, please inquiry with our sales team. Thanks.

VRLA battery,lead acid battery,sla battery,

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